Renovations & Extensions

Sometimes you love your location but not your home. You may have outgrown your home and desperately need more space or simply want to give your home a whole new look. K5B specialises in timber frame, lightweight construction that is perfectly suited to extensions outwards or upwards. Get more out of your home by adding a second story or opening up the floor plan to make everyday living that much easier. We can customise your renovation or extension to meet your individual needs no matter how big or small.


Troy’s passion for building means he is constantly looking for new and innovative products that will meet your style and sustainability needs whilst remaining within your budget. K5B aims to get you the best home your dollar can deliver.


If you’re sick of the look of your existing home, inside or out, we can bring your home to life. It might be hard to imagine how you could expand, but our team will work to find creative space solutions that open up your home. We relish the opportunity to bring you a home that suits your every need and keeps you in the location you’ve grown to love.


With Troy being a hands-on a builder, it means that as the project unfolds he can walk you through every step. We know that it can be difficult to visualize your end result on a piece of paper, so if there are elements of your home you’re not sure about, we can work to find the best solution as we go. Our aim is to deliver you a home that you love every inch of.

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